9 Exciting And Comfortable Sex Positions For Those Who Overeat

Use the “spooning position”, work with your hands, and do not put pressure on your stomach.

1. Spoons

After a hearty meal, you are supposed to take a nap, and “spoons” are exactly the comfortable position in which many people like to fall asleep. Just first get rid of clothes and snuggle up to each other as tightly as possible. The only effort that a man needs to make is to gently and sleepily caress the UK’s elite escort’s breasts and clitoris. And then the process of a smooth transition from a gastronomic orgasm to a physical one will go by itself.

2. Standing With Emphasis On The Wall

The woman turns her back to the man and rests her arms bent at the elbows against the wall, slightly sticking her ass back. This option is convenient because it does not put pressure on the stomach.

3. Standing With Emphasis On A Chair

A slightly modified version of the previous posture. She rests her elbows on a chair, table, or armchair, the man enters from behind. If you find it difficult to stand, the same position can be realized by kneeling down.

4. Missionary With Raised Hips And Flattened Knees

The woman lies on her back. The man kneels in front of her and lifts her ass, laying on his hips. The partner rests her bent legs against his chest. This position is comfortable for penetration, provides effective stimulation of the clitoris, and does not put too much pressure on the abdomen.

5. T-Shaped Position

The man lies on his side, the woman lies on her back, perpendicular to the partner and throwing her knees over him. An unusual position that gives new sensations from sex, and at the same time allows you to look into each other’s eyes.

6. Riding Pose

The man lies on his back, the woman sits astride his hips and gently strokes his chest (but for obvious reasons, you don’t need to touch the stomach). The partner can bend over and lie down on top of the man to rub her nipples against him. Another option: a man sits down to be face to face with Wolverhampton escort and, for example, kiss her breasts.

This is a comfortable and unhurried position that does not require excessive activity from both partners.

7. Reverse Riding Pose

The man lies on his back, the woman sits on top facing his bent knees. In this position, the partner can lean on the partner’s legs in order to spend less energy on movements.

8. Sitting On The Table

A spectacular and easy way to make sex the final dish of your feast. True, a little preparation is required here: it is desirable that the flexible escort has a loose or elastic skirt and no underwear.

The partner sits on the table and, leaning on the shoulders of the partner and wrapping her hips around his waist, moves to the very edge. In this position, penetration will be easy, and clitoral stimulation will be as effective as possible. And at the same time, no extra effort and pressure on full stomachs. One continuous lazy orgasm.

To make the pleasure even sharper, the escort can try throwing her legs over the man’s shoulders.

9. Lying On The Table

An option for a woman who is completely exhausted after a meal and now just wants to have fun. With the help of a partner, she sits down on the table, and then carefully lowers herself to the surface with her back.

Bonus: 3 Ways To Turn Each Other On When You’re Out Of Energy

1. Mutually Masturbate

An option for those who no longer have the desire to move at all, but still want “sweet”. Lie on your back next to each other. For starters, you can firmly hold hands – this increases the level of trust and gives an additional feeling of closeness.

Then release your palms and start gently, as if by chance, stroking each other in the intimate area, slowly getting to the most sensitive places. When the growing arousal makes your partner turn to you, catch his eye, and continue stimulation, making eye contact. Orgasm is close. Check it out.

2. Play With Toys

If you are so full that you can not give an orgasm on your own, find something that will work for you. Lie sideways to each other and use a vibrating dildo, vibrating rings, or clitoral stimulators to arouse your partner or yourself.

This option will not necessarily lead to an orgasm. But in any case, it will help you to get to know each other better. And this is the key to sparkling sex in the future.

3. Take A Position On The Hip

A simple pose that at the same time does not put pressure on overstuffed bellies. A man and a woman lie facing each other. The partner puts the thigh of the upper leg between the escort’s legs and with light sliding movements begins to press down a little, massage her labia and clitoris.

This position requires almost no effort but quickly leads to the arousal of a woman. The male response is also not long in coming.